Retired and Not Sure Where to Start?

Retired but not Done: How to Build a Thriving Online Business and Reclaim Your Passion!

Ready to start your email list, but not sure how to go about it?

Need traffic for your business, but none is coming.

No profits in your business for 2 years or more?

Are You stuck, looking for a solution to move forward in your online business?

Well, all of those questions were a yes for me only a short time ago. 

Along with some advice to pay for a Facebook ad campaign that failed. (more on that later)

Yes, I had some 3T friends on Facebook, so it sounded like a good idea. 

But I learned the hard way that the mindset of most people on  Facebook is not easy to pinpoint.  I also learned patience, because to get them interested in you and your marvelous product or service might take many trials.    So,  to start with a paid ad campaign, might not be the right start for a number of reasons, but here is one.

 Let’s say that you do spend money on paid ads.  If you’ve spent $40, and only get  2 clicks, that’s $20 per click which is WAY too expensive.  It is not a return on investment.   Also, you would need to look for a flaw in your delivery, before spending any more money.

The same goes for landing page opt-ins.  If you spent $100 and only get 2 opt-ins, that’s $50 per lead!   Again, too expensive for profitability.

However, I would suggest that you find the problem in your targeting,  and test it organically first. 

This is something that we are not told upfront by marketing and salespeople and it leaves many businesses frustrated and stuck.

That’s where the NO Excuse Challenge comes in.  We cover it all and zero in on the processes behind the scene that no one is talking about.  Come check us out.

Because, before you start losing money with ads and stuff,  you need to ” prime the well”, to see if there is water in IT.  

This unique method will get you started and give you results for free. ( But how? you ask). That is the total focus of this  No Excuse Challenge.  Bottom line don’t spend money on ads first, let’s build our traffic organically first.

Hop on a free strategy call to find out more or sign into my Facebook group for more clarity.

I can’t wait to help you, either way. Start turning strangers into clients and your passion into profits using this free  No Excuses Challenge model.  See You There!

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