Is a Lifestyle Business Good for Me?

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So you are thinking of launching a lifestyle business.

You have identified your niche because you know what you like.

Now comes the time to make it real.

Everybody thinks that if they just set up a website and brand they are in business.   But since a website will cost, and I do recommend  buying one but -more on that later.    Research is really the first thing you should do.  Researching is like designing a small business plan. You will get to know yourself and your potential customer better.   It also keeps you from becoming overhelmed.

Be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into this part of getting your business off the ground. In the beginning, you might actually end up working more hours than a typical 9 to 5.

This might sound contradictory to the logic of a lifestyle business  Predicting Grit: Analysis of YouthTruth Data Offers Surprising Insights -  YouthTruth

but, every business needs a certain amount of hard work and grit.

Remember that it takes a considerable amount of power and energy to launch a rocket. But eventually, it reaches enough momentum to sustain its lift-off and completes its mission.

With your lifestyle business choice, you need to research to find out what you are getting into and see if this type of niche is worth it.

If you’re new to online marketing,  I would suggest you first  learn the basics by reading a number of top selling books by experts in the field and develop your own online marketing study outline.

Then you can follow the best ebooks., youtube videos and  online courses.  A  good start would be  a platform that would take you from start to finish step by step.   I will be reviewing some of the best resources in more detail later, so you won’t be overwhelmed looking for them.

No matter……Stay focused….Keep the end goal in sight…..It will be worth it.

Remember that a lifestyle business focus on your strengths — your skills, experience, and talents
You should focus on the end result: to spend more time enjoying your lifestyle.

This means spending more time doing things that make you happy, like being with your family or enjoy  relaxing  on the beach with your new hobby.

So, if you’re interested in making a “life” rather than just a living, and if you value freedom and flexibility over money and perks, then a lifestyle business could be perfect for you.

There is no Perfect Lifestyle Business Template

That’s because a lifestyle business is unique to YOU.  It fits around your idea of a perfect lifestyle.

So instead of trying to find the ‘right’ business, let’s take a moment to think about the kind of life you want to build.  What skills and experience do you already have?

  • How do you love spending your spare time?
  • What are  somethings you are  good at?
  • Could you make a business out of any of them?

The key is to build your business around your natural advantages and skills.

Once you have some ideas of how to build your business, then it’s time to make sure you can earn money from it.

Again with the research!!!!!!

Develop a Plan                                                  Career Tune-up with a 4 step plan to be promoted - Career TuneUp

As you develop your plan,  you can ask yourself these questions:

  • How many hours a day do I want to  work?
  • How much money do I want to make ?
  • How  fast do I want my lifestyle business  to grow ?   And if  it does,  do I want or need help?

For example, if you’re a startup blogger and your goal is to earn monthly revenue,  you will need to know how much traffic you need to have each month?  How  are you planning to attract new clients   to help your buiness grow ?

On the other side of the coin, you might want to create an amazing product first.

This will cause your lifestyle business  to go through many  designs, prototypes, and testing cycles to help you get it right.  If the product is good, now you must convince your niche audience.

Either way, it pays to research your idea and test it first.

You should never just dive into a new business and hope for the best. That is a sure cause for anxiety, financial stress, and most likely failure.

Priscilla Tan at  Appsumo, suggest, “to figure out if there’s a demand for your business. Speak to your audience and discover their pain points; this will help you create something that they actually need and are willing to pay for.”

Remember all good businesses take time and dedication to get them started. In the meantime, make sure you are financially covered while your venture gets off the ground.

Even the most carefully-researched and planned business idea is vulnerable to the unexpected.

I know, the money you invested might not be alot, but, you could end up wasting your time and pride on a failed business.

Be prepared for this, both emotionally and financially.

Be  as practical as you can.

Remember, this is your ticket to more time, freedom, and flexibility.

Get it right now, and you will soon be able to spend more time doing the things you want.

Create a plan and lay out an overall strategy — this will  prevent you from creating more work than you can handle later.   It’s what can stop you from becoming overhelmed.

Now that You know It’s Good for You,  What now? WHAT NOW? - Green Agenda

So far we’ve covered the meaning of lifestyle entrepreneurship, developing a lifestyle business plan  with basic questions, and  look at what it is and what it isn’t to be  lifestyle  business entrepreneur.

Now let’s look at ways to get started.

First,  you need to evaluate the skills, experience, and talents you already have.

These are your strengths.   Are you a teacher, lawyer, tech, or product manufacture.

Then,  utilize some or all of them when designing a lifestyle business.

For instance, let’s say you have years of work experience in writing and research, you could become a freelance writer.

Or you were the CEO of your company and managed all departments, then start a membership community.  Create an exclusive community and generate recurring income with SubHub

Or you were a teacher or professor Blogging or writing ebooks could become your business

Sell a e-book : Show off your expertise !  or even    Write a book and sell it to earn passive income.

If you already have a speciality,   Create a course: Curate everything you learn in your line of work and turn it into a paid course using TeacheableU.  Or, use content marketing as your business (think affiliate marketing or SEO consultancy) and exercise your writing skills to build keyword-rich content that will bring customers to your website.

One of the best ways to build a strong lifestyle business is to automate as much as you can — either hire freelance staff or  use great business tools.

What awesome soft skills do you process?

Organization, time management, problem-solving, critical thinking, good communication, self-motivation — all of these (and more) are essential to help you start and make a success of your lifestyle business.

There are tons of options. From affiliate marketing and blogging to eCommerce and consulting, these steadfast small businesses are your ticket to achieving the work-life balance of your dream.

One  example is -stay-at-home-mum Amy Anthony, who runs Oh So Spotless, an affiliate blog that teaches readers how to clean and organize their homes.  She is good at cleaning and organizing.

What’s something that you love, and you’re good at?   Be different!

Give yourself permission to dream and dare to be different

Now let’s launch that business!!                          SpaceX | Latest News, Photos & Videos | WIRED

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