Finding Your Eco-friendly Alternative with IKLM

IKLM Product
An Alternative to Plastic

You’ll find unique health and wellness products inside their beautifully designed e-commerce website.

IKLM has wonderfully different items for those that are on an eco-friendly journey.

So, while scrolling down my TikTok feed, I wasn’t surprised to see another interesting item pop up in the wood area.

Founded in 2019 by Lucky and Moon,
encourages shoppers to be mindful of the things they buy with an array of safe, non-toxic, and reasonable-priced items.

They are now regrouping since their first launch in 2021. They feel that the consumers in the world are ready to seriously consider their health and well-being since the advent of Covid.  Due to lockdowns, sickness, and more global awareness, IKLM feels people are now ready to take their own well-being into their own hands and make better choices.

IKLM opens up the conversation surrounding your well-being despite your eco-friendly preferences, your position, or your location, with alternative selections from all over the world. They support the notion that investing in yourself can have a variety of meanings.

IKLM has exciting plans for the upcoming holidays, including expanding its own line of eco-friendly household products and adding wooden items like bowls, candle holders, and wall décor to its stock. Shoppers can also check out IKLM on Etsy and Tik Tok for a large animated collection by the brand.

Though I support health and wellness through the elimination of toxins and plastic waste, finding alternatives is one of the best ways for us all to move in that direction. I feel that IKLM gets us started on that road.

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