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Hey, fellow aspiring retired professionals , I am Rosa and I am ready for Results!  What about you?  This Challenge Model will give you the kickstart you need to  scale your business to the next level.  I promise that this is an ongoing journey  until you reach the results you want. 

17th July 2023
09:30-11:00 AM
Rosa Sobhani

Unlock Your Online Business Potential: Master the Challenge Business Model to Success in the Digital Age!"

If you are a professional woman 60+ that is retired and wants to launch an online business but feels stuck chasing shiny objects, learn how to get the results you desire by attending my 3-day proven No Excuse Challenge Kickstart.

What is a Challenge Base Business?

The full course is designed to empower entrepreneurs, business professionals and individuals over 60 who are interested in starting  and scaling an online business. This course focuses on cultivating a positive and resilient mindset essential for entrepreneurship in the digital age. Participants will learn strategies to overcome common fears and challenges associated with online business startups and develop the confidence and mindset necessary for success. Through practical exercises, case studies, and interactive discussions, participants will gain the tools and resources to navigate the online business landscape effectively.

Your 3-Day Challenge

The 3-day Challenge is a kickstart, but a powerful one with massive value and knowledge.


Will answer your main question. What and Why about a Challenge? Who is it for? What’s the unique outcome?



We will be a deep diving into understanding the process. Along with overcoming our and your customer’s objections and obstacles. With hands-on and written assignments. 

Day -3

You will get a total overview of the program and how it can take you to your desired results. Full disclosure and commitment to carrying out your goals.    An invitation to  implement  the program and finish your first challenge. You will know what to expect and you  will received great value in the form of results.


What is the Challenge Model Commitment?

Why Have a Commitment?

A well-designed challenge is the only funnel you need to accomplish every objective in the value ladder in ONE STEP!   

But Noone said it was easy!

So let’s take a minute to commit to launching, growing, or scaling your business with a challenge-based model


Yes, I need this! Save my seat today.

15th June

09am EST

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Rosa Sobhani

Influencer & Speaker

The Irresistible CHallenge Model


Questions an  overwhelmed retired professional might have about scaling their business


Let’s address the questions 

  1. Who do you help? The challenge funnel is designed to assist retired women who want to start or scale their businesses. It focuses specifically on this target audience and their unique needs, challenges, and aspirations.
  2. What result do they want to achieve? The desired result for these retired women could be successfully starting or growing their businesses. They may have specific goals in mind, such as generating income, pursuing a passion, or finding fulfillment through entrepreneurship.
  3. What major obstacle or pain do they not want? Retired women looking to start or scale their businesses may not want to feel overwhelmed or stuck in their current situation. They may want to avoid common obstacles such as lack of clarity, limited resources, uncertainty about the market, or fear of failure.
  4. By what process are you helping your client? The challenge funnel helps retired women through a structured process that combines education, support, and accountability. 


How to kickstart your journey?

In this module I will teach you how to kickstart your journey with proper tools and strategies.

Rosa Sobhani

Entrepreneur & Influencer

“The online webinar on ‘How to Kickstart Your Journey as an Entrepreneur’ was incredibly insightful and motivating. The speaker provided practical tips, real-life examples, and actionable strategies that helped me gain a clear roadmap for starting my entrepreneurial journey. I highly recommend this webinar to anyone looking to pursue their dreams and build a successful business”

Y. Sobhani

“I recently attended the online webinar on ‘How to Kickstart Your Journey as an Entrepreneur. The presenter’s expertise and engaging delivery kept me captivated throughout the session. The webinar provided invaluable advice on idea validation, business planning, and marketing strategies. I feel more confident and prepared to embark on my entrepreneurial path thanks to this webinar.”

May Shahin

“Attending the online webinar on ‘How to Kickstart Your Journey as an Entrepreneur’ was a game-changer for me. The speaker shared their personal experiences, insights, and practical tips that were incredibly inspiring. The webinar covered various aspects, from overcoming challenges to building a strong network, which gave me a holistic understanding of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. ”

Jay Ali

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